For many years we have been providing regular legal services to small, medium and large businesses.

Our portfolio includes entrepreneurs from different market segments (manufacturers, importers, distributors, service providers and many more).

Current legal service provided by our lawyers enables us to solve our clients' problems very early in the day before they entail significant legal risk for the company - which is far more effective and less burdensome for the client's budget compared to the post factum action.

We provide ongoing legal advice on simple issues related to the day-to-day operation of the Client's business, and we also prepare analyzes, solutions and legal opinions on issues that require multi-faceted analysis.

In addition, we represent the Client in contacts with business partners at negotiating meetings as well as in legal relations with the authorities and courts.


We remain in constant contact with the customer, providing ongoing legal support and answering any questions without delaying the day-to-day operations of the Client's business.

Legal services are provided through current telephone and email contact as well as personal contact.

With continuous legal service we are constantly available. We understand the dynamics of business.

Constant and ongoing legal service is first of all the proper organization of the Client's business and human resources management - by entrusting lawyers with such responsibilities as the verification of new contracts, regulations, etc, or evaluations of situations which require proper legal assessment.

Within the framework of constant service of entrepreneurs we offer legal services, among others : labor law, civil law, competition law, commercial law, registered law of the National Court Register, administrative rights of entrepreneurs, copyright law and many others.


We know the legitimate expectations of our Clients - we provide legal services in a customer-friendly manner, providing a positive and transparent framework for cooperation, including but not limited to: efficient information exchange, direct contact with attorney, quick response, unrestricted access to documents, transparent settlement system, preferential pay rates, etc.

We provide legal services in Polish and English.

Current legal service is primarily to prevent legal problems that often result in financial consequences. Through constant and unobtrusive contact with a lawyer, the Client continually consults his or her legal business intentions (legality of business concepts, validity of the new contract, security of proposed contract terms, effective contractual insurance, employee secrecy clauses, counterparty defaults, lease of a new showroom, legal security of proper warranty and service of newly purchased machines, vehicles etc. and many other issues).


With constant legal service, the Client does not spend his time in classifying matters to the Law Office - because preferential financial conditions allow the transfer of all matters: both simple and complex.

As part of the subscription, we reduce the regular hourly rate for a lawyer's work constantly for the duration of the co-operation and two-step.

Legal services of the company are available from PLN 2.160.00 net + VAT per month. More expensive subscriptions give a lower hourly rate and a greater quantity of hours, and most of all additional profits.

If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us: we will immediately arrange a meeting to present an up-to-date and individual pay offer tailored to your business needs.







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