ONLY REAL ESTATE legal services

We specialize in real estate law.

We have legal experience in matters relating to : the realization of construction investments, transformation of the nature of the property, legalization of constructional arbitrariness, division of real estate on plots etc.
, adverse possession (acquisition legal title to the land after a prescribed statutory period), land easement, abolition of co-ownership of property, compensation for damage or expropriation of real estate etc., regulating the legal status of real estate, to determine the content of the land register with the actual legal status, expropriation, as well as in matters of lease of real estate and many others.

For many years we have been supporting our clients in matters relating to their property matters.


We offer professional legal assistance in all matters relating to real estate, including:

- implementation of construction investments
- investigation receivables from performed construction work
- settlement of compensation for erroneously performed construction works
- regulating the legal status of real estate in court
- due diligence of real estate (full examination of land registers and other documents)
- rent, lease and other bond relations relating to real estate
- real estate divisions administrative and judicial
- abolition of co-ownership of real estate
- land easements
adverse possession (acquisition legal title to the land after a prescribed statutory period)
- determining the content of land registers with the actual legal status of the property
- piloting real estate transactions (sale, exchange, donation, etc.)
- entries rights and burdens to the land register and deletion
- giving opinions on draft notarial acts
- other matters relating to real estate


We cooperate with the Notary offices.

 Among other things:


- we prepare drafts of notarial deeds,

- we review the draft notarial deeds prepared by the Notary Office,
- we review drafts of notarial deeds prepared by the lawyer of the other party,
- we introduce new proposals, changes, etc. to draft of notarial deeds.



We secure any real estate transaction from the legal side.

We thoroughly investigate all entries in the perpetual registers, and we also examine the records of this land register, taking into account that the files are not available online and require a visit to the
competent Court.

We also investigate other important documents such as a local land use plan, which may result in various restrictions to the property, which the customer intends to acquire.

We execute for the client all necessary formalities.

We have developed research methodology and rich experience in this field.

Before making a decision to buy a property you should check what you are really buying. To find out, you should refer to the public acts and records and other documents - in the study which we have experience.



We offer a wide range of legal services. If you need support, just contact us.





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