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Cookies are mainly used for statistical purposes - storing them on your telecom terminal device (eg. a computer, laptop, smartphone) and obtaining access to them.


If you are not blocking these cookies, this means that you agree with using them and store in the memory of your device. Remember that you can independently manage cookies by changing the settings of your web browser. Also remember that already stored cookies, you can delete (remove) in your web browser.


Cookies, which are used here, are mainly "session" files - temporary, which are stored in your terminal device until you leaves Website or disable your web browser and "permanent" files - that are stored in your terminal device for the time specified in the parameters of a particular cookie, or until they will be removed by you.


Thanks to cookies, we may collect and gather the data which provide statistical information - including the manner in which you use this Website (number of inputs/outputs on the Website, which pages are most visited and read, time of visits, etc.).


Cookies typically contain the name of the website from which they come from, time store of them on a terminal device and a unique number.


Cookies are computer data in the form of small text files that are sent by the Website and stored in the telecom terminal device that you use when browsing the web sites.


Action cookies by storing information and gaining access to it does not change the configuration of your telecom terminal device and software installed in the device.


You can specify the conditions for storage of or access to this information using the settings used software installed on your telecom terminal device - one of the simplest ways is to block cookies used by this Website through the appropriate settings on your browser. Instructions can be found in the documentation / manual used by your browser.


You can change the settings for cookies according to your preferences - including your choose to block cookies and site data.


Keep in mind that the settings you can choose for all web pages or only for selected - using options to manage exceptions.


This Cookies Policy may change in the future, so please check this Policy every time.


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